Tuesday, December 18, 2012

0 James Ballinger (Seattle Passive Aggressive) Top Albums and Shows of 2012

10. Deftones “Koi No Yokan”
Another solid and well produced record from the Deftones.
9. Serial Hawk “Buried in the Grey”
These guys kill it live, and captured some of that rawness on vinyl. One of my favorite Seattle bands right now.
8. Neurosis “Honor Found in Decay”
In my opinion, one of the best sounding Neurosis records.
7. Samothrace “Reverence to Stone”
Just two LONG tracks, and hands down one of the most crushing records of 2012.
6. Swans “The Seer”
I got this record a little later in the year, and it’s been a tough one to shake since then.
5. Old Man Gloom “No”
Welcome back Old Man Gloom! Killer record and amazing production.
4. Narrows “Painted”
One of my all time favorite guitarists and all time favorite vocalists. This record shreds.   
3. Gaytheist “Stealth Beats”
The biggest surprise of the year was getting this record, not really knowing what to expect. Blown away. Every track is top notch. “Pointless-Helpless” is my song of the year.
2. Converge “All We Love We Leave Behind”
The 8th Converge record, and this time it’s one of their best. I love bands that can keep outdoing themselves. I think it’s the best Converge record since “You Fail Me”.
1. Sandrider “S/T”
I know I’m cheating a little, since this record came out last December, but I don’t care. This was hands down the record of 2012 for me. Not only do I think it’s one of the best records in recent memory, but I think it’s one of the best debut records of all time. Can’t wait to hear what come next.
Top 5 Shows:
5: Nofx (King Cat Theater)
Love em’ or hate em’ this band always sounds good live, and puts on a fun show.
4: Dead Milkmen (El Corazon)
This was a bucket list show for me. I’ve been a Dead Milkmen fan since I was a kid, great set.
3: Total Fest (Missoula, MT)
Take Sandrider, Harkonen, Lozen, Iron Lung, Buildings, Gay Witch Abortion, and dozens of other bands, put them in the middle of Montana, add way too much beer and BBQ and you’ve got Total Fest 12. Amazing weekend of live music.
2: Noise for the Needy/Nik’s 32nd Birthday (Belltown Underground Events Center)
Once again, the SRG dudes bring one of the best bills in recent memory. Sandrider, Deadkill, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Absolute Monarchs, Monogamy Party, Wizard Rifle and Shelter Red. This was a really fun night.
1: Akimbo’s Last Show (Comet Tavern)
Hands down, one of my all-time favorite shows, ever. One of those shows you feel in your bones for days after. Akimbo played one of their best sets, so glad I was there to be a part of it. Can’t wait for the final record, and yet to be announced reunion show with Botch (I wish….).


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