Monday, December 17, 2012

1 Matt Koroulis' (Rock Photographer) Top Shows and Albums of 2012

Favorite Shows of 2012...
1)     The Ruby Doe, Black Elk, Akimbo, Dog Shredder – May 11th at the Comet in Seattle and May 12th at the Shakedown in Bellingham
When Adam Noble Bass puts on a birthday party for himself, we’re the ones who get presents.
(The Ruby Doe at the Comet on May 11th)
2)     The second day of the 2012 Capitol Hill Block Party, July 21st - with Absolute Monarchs (on 2 stages!), Sandrider, Lesbian, Helms Alee, Brokaw, Monogamy Party

If there is another city that could put together a better line-up of local bands (and still have plenty of awesome bands in reserve), please let me know where it is.
(Absolute Monarchs, July 21st)
(Helms Alee, July 21st)
(Monogamy Party, July 21st)
3)      Mudhoney, Feedtime – March 21st at the Tractor
Mudhoney is (and may have always been) the most relevant, interesting and fun of all the “grunge” bands.
(Mudhoney at the Tractor, March 21st)
4)      Deadkill, Gaytheist, Monogamy Party – September 15th at the Comet
Punk rock should be a little dangerous and chaotic.  This show provided just that.  I’m not sure how to describe this show to anyone who wasn't there except to say there was a huge amount of garbage flying through the air (mostly empty beer cans).
(Deadkill at the Comet, September 15th)
5)      Hot Snakes, Bangs – April 2nd at Neumos
I’m still a little shocked I was able to see Hot Snakes in 2012.  They mostly just played the “hits”, but when your songs are this good, who cares.
(Hot Snakes at Neumos, April 2nd)
Favorite Records of 2012

1)  Para Vida by Lozen
2)  1 by the Absolute Monarchs
3)  Brass Tactics by Dog Shredder
4)  Land Grab by Unnatural Helpers
5)  Chants by Nouela
6)  Deadkill 7" by Deadkill
7)  Battlefields w/ Into the Light 7" by Big Business
8)  Live Leaves by Unwound

Things to look forward to/hope for in 2013...

1)  New Kinski album
2)  New bands playing their first shows
3)  The Austerity Program comes to Seattle and plays a show
4)  A Survival Knife record
5)  100 to 200 killer shows happening in Seattle
All Photos by Matt K


  1. Things I left off my list that belong on here...

    Bites Rites by Rabbits

    Melvins (Lite), Federation X, Big Business at the Showbox on Sept. 6th

    Helms Alee, Thrones, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Lozen at the Greenhouse on June 2nd

    Gaytheist, Survival Knife, Mass Games, Glose at the Comet on Dec. 14th



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