Monday, December 31, 2012

0 Matt Sader's (Argonaut) Top Releases and Shows of 2012

Top Releases:

Melvins - "The Bulls and the Bees" - One of their best albums and it was free even!!!!

Melvins Lite - "Freak Puke" - Trevor Dunn on stand up bass. Say no more.

Melvins/Unsane split 7 inch.
Both bands I love, covering each others songs. Such a great 7 inch.

Unsane - "Wreck"
Awesome, just awesome.

Converge - "All We Love We Leave Behind"
Jake Weller turned me on to them. Thanks Jake!

Sandrider - "Sandrider" I wish I was in this band.

Absolute Monarchs - "1" AMAZING! Great people in this band and one of the most original guitarists to some out of this area ever. The attention this record got is well deserved.

Gaytheist - "Stealth Beats" When we played with these guys in Portland I was completely blown away, again, at the power of their songs. Awesome people too. Tim set the standard for all of us to follow playing a show within a week of having bladder cancer surgery. Top that dudes.

Torche - "Harmonicraft" This is such a well written well flowing record. It is fun to listen to.

Swans - "The Seer" I have loved this band for a very long time. I know of only one of my friends that knows this as I am such a Melvins nut. This record is creepy, ominous, dark, all the things that make a great SWANS record.

Lozen - "Para Vida" My Silent Queef Sistas. I love these girls, I am humbled to call them friends and this is a great record.

X Suns - "Demo" This band is flat out amazing live and recorded as well. We love playing with this band, great guys and outstanding musicians. Fun too!

Top Shows:

Melvins Lite, Big Business, Federation X @ the Showbox
Yob, Helms Alee, Bell Witch @ Highline
Torche, Helms Alee, Lozen @ Highline
Red Fang, Brokaw @ Neumos
Absolute Monarchs / Constant Lovers @ The Comet
True Widow, Constant Lovers @ Backspace
Ruby Doe, Akimbo, Black Elk @ The Comet
Helms Alee, Princess, Black Elk @ The Funhouse

Argonaut will be celebrating the release of their new EP "What's Your Perfect Day?" on January 19th at the Comet. They will be joined by Gaytheist, Princess, and Transient. First SRG Presents show of 2013.


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