Monday, December 31, 2012

0 Tobias Cron's (Power Skeleton) Best of 2012

Warning! Shameless self promotion to follow. Toned it down enough to allow some music OTHER than Power Skeleton onto this list. I am in my favorite band. And it feels good to me that my friends have such amazing music creations to offer. Nyeahh! These are my favorite albums and "shows" of 2012.

10)Cris Mora memorial benefit show/The Hurricane/Wenatchee
-bittersweet show highlighted by particularly inspired Holographic Beast performance. Power Skeleton in dual drum formation. Bitchy Vicki and Ghost Power all great. Sucks that we lost Cris. Bittersweet indeed. Every time I see a great show I wish Cris was by my side with that amazing sweet smile on his face.
Nevertheless it managed to raise a good deal of money for the Mora family. Much love to ALL of you

9)Helms Alee/Thrones/BOTSC/Lozen at the Green House
-in a BASEMENT! That is all

8)Power Skeleton-4 Children ep (Lazer Lizard)

- the fun of creating this in just under 4 hours with my kids and Erok, who is also my kid. Plus it kicks ass.

7)Alone Together 2: Another Evening of Single Human bands and Cinema.
Feel sad that the place wasn't spilling over that evening. Can already say for certainty that the 2013 year end list will feature parts 3 and 4. Awesome! Mental image moment of the night: Overdose the Katatonik going berserk with the saturated cinema flames of "Fangs of the Living Dead" in the background. So much rad that night. You know who you are

6}Brokaw- Interiors
Solid unique rock and roll songs packing twice the grace and sonic punch of anything you are listening to right now. Also happen to be amazing kind humans. Also got melted on my toaster oven. Go figure

5)The Funhouse (June 22)
Power Skeleton played the 9 minute long set "Taste that fuckin ham" and was probably one of the most "perfect" sets ever for us up to that point. Confidence building improv! Also treated to amazing sets by the aforementioned Brokaw/Forrest Friends/The Snap/ and the mind blowing Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat (who's last show at the mix was it's own special moment of awesome, can i get an amen?)

4)St. Vitus /Weedeater at the Highline.
Well St. Vitus was simply the most entertaining metal show for me of the year. Weedeater fully headline worthy. I love me sludgy riffs ;making me happy to see dudes older than me totally destroy. The power of the riff compels thee!

3)Lazer Lizard Records 001 sampler definitely what I listened to the most this year by far. and it's not even already out all the way! cannot fault you kind people for not hearing it all yet. and the list of amazing performers is too long to even mention. standout memory: recording some of my weirdness on a song for upcoming project "Other" (Joel R. L. Phelps and Stuart Dahlquist).

2)Asva and Philippe Petit-"Empires Should Burn"
This record spent aLOT of time being played loud and freaking out the neighbors. I am probably playing it right now. Everything about it appeals to my sense of creepy heavy horror and somehow manages to still be majestic and beautiful. Amazing.

1) all the shows at the Cat Cave! my humble home.
Thanks Skunk Rider for playing their debut performance on my 40th "surprise" party....also treated to fun shows by NightShirt, and a rad Power Skeleton show that Lucien absolutely brought down the house with his keyboard riffage. Makes a dad proud! Now is the time to thank the Lovely Marci Smith for also being the raddest keyboard player and facilitating ALL of these grand memories. I love her dearly and so should you. She rules. So does everyone in Power Skeleton- the list is long. About 25 people stick your names in here. See you in 2013.

(honorable mentions go out to Vektor, Voivod, The Swans, Rabbits, Uzala, Monogamy Party, Diminshed Men, MMOB, Lesbian, Don't talk to the cops, Virus, Deathspell Omega, Earth, Yob, Graveyard and probably several others i am forgetting to mention.and everyone who shared a stage with us!)

Tobias is the leader of Power Skeleton, a self-proclaimed improv based psychedelic black metal disco horror. They are worth checking out. Weird stuff! See them January 24th at the Blue Moon. 


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