Tuesday, January 29, 2013

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Princess | GIZA | Old Iron

Behold!  GIZA’s Trent McIntyre: half man, half thoroughbred.  Somehow splitting his time equally with his other two fantastic projects – Grenades and X Suns – this dude exhibits an inhuman endurance, apparently spending 6-7 nights each week hammering on the skins.  There can be no other explanation for his formidable stamina behind a drumkit than the powerful heart of a racehorse furiously pounding away somewhere below his withers.  A mane of wavy golden tresses swaying in rhythm with four wildly flailing fetlocks provide further proof, as he expertly delivers a heavy downbeat steeped in trenchant skill.  The thud of each hoof creates a resounding explosion of percussion, perfectly laying the foundation for the thick, oozing riffage of the meaty guitars.  These guys like to think of themselves as wizards, but fuck that: they’re animals.  There is no sorcery at work here; GIZA is instinctual, brutal, living, breathing… The have added vitality and heart to a genre that has recently become overrun with soul-less soundalikes.  They set themselves apart by tapping into that bestial center in every listener, feeding the subconscious craving for mammoth-sized doom riffs and radiant fireglow swells. 

Their 6-song, Matt Bayles-recorded album, Future Ruins, has been the SRG pick of the month for all of January, but if you haven’t listened to it, do so here:

And then do so again at the record release party on Wednesday, January 30th at The Barboza (inside and downstairs from Neumos).

It would be very wise to arrive early and stay late, as Old Iron will be playing prior and Princess will be the headlining slice of bread in the GIZA sandwich.  We, here at SRG, are very excited to see what the future holds for both of these bands.  Old Iron (featuring members of Sandrider/The Ruby Doe, and The Helm/Iamthethorn) has impressed us even after just a handful of shows, while Princess is debuting their new drummer, Gator (ex-Electric Falcons), who is a very promising addition to an already amazing band.


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