Wednesday, January 30, 2013

0 Watch or Die! #29: FIST FITE - "Take the Knife Up the Hill, Lover"

2013: The Year of FIST FITE.  That's what I'm thinking.  Since first catching their set in Portland with Gaytheist and Rabbits, I knew I wanted more FIST FITE.  SRG brought these bad asses up and they rocked The Josephine.  FIST FITE delivers a vicious set that will satiate any appetite for heaviness.  When singer/keyboardist Jonnie Ray Monroe joins Rabbits for "Meth Valley 99", life simply rules.

I happened to film their song "Take the Knife Up the Hill, Lover" at The Josephine.  Jonnie had an interesting story about this little ditty:
Well, "Take the Knife Up the Hill, Lover" is a direct quote from the 1978 psychological thriller MAGIC starring Anthony Hopkins (whom I think particularly resembles our drummer Christian in this flick), a cold winter night living in the depths of an even colder basement I watched this movie, stoned out of my mind on pot, pot brownies, pot breakfast, pot dinner..... I had been eating pot This movie, shook me to my god damn core. It tarred and feathered me! It's god damn spooky on a case of the weeds!
Anthony Hopkins with his fist up a puppet.
 The producers of Magic should kick Jonnie Ray down some money because that might be the best film review ever written or uttered.  Guerrilla House anyone?  At any rate, keep a look out for FIST FITE.  They will rock you to your god damn core! WATCH OR DIE!


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