Friday, March 22, 2013

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Federation X | The Valley | Tacos!

Hey, look at that, we have a show for you at the Sunset on Saturday!  We at SRG do our damnedest to bring only the most worthy bands to the stage, and this lineup is no exception.

Bellingham heroes, Federation X, have had a long history of rocking faces around the globe, and are coming back and gearing up for a long-awaited follow-up to their 2005 release,  Rally Day. And they're bringing power.  Check this shit out:

But, oh, what about The Valley?  Solid stoner jams.  I normally just try to not be lazy and to actually talk about the bands, but all these guys can speak for themselves better than I ever could.  Here:

Be sure to show up early enough to catch one of our very favorite bands, Tacos!, and have them wreck your shit.  If they don't shake a rhinestone or two from your bedazzled accouterment, I don't know what will.  Here, just...just click:

I don't care how Ballard-averse you may be, this is the show to catch this week.  Make a day of it!  Start at one end of Ballard Ave and hit each of the 17 breweries along that half-mile up to the Sunset; buy some records at tha Boom or Bop Street along the way.  Wave to the old folks who haven't moved or died yet!  But be sure to settle into the venue around show time, and feel free to prop yourself up on one of us -- we'll need a crutch ourselves.


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