Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1 Final Push for Helms Alee's Pre-sale Campaign for "Sleepwalking Sailors"

Photo by Nik Christofferson

Hydrahead alumni, Helms Alee, are holding a pre-sale for their upcoming 3rd full length titled 'Sleepwalking Sailors', to be released by their own record label, Rolf Neslund, in fall 2013. They chose the kickstarter format to raise the money to pay for recording, manufacturing, etc... and set their goal for $5000, which they hit in about a week. Anyone who still wants to help play a part in the outcome of the release has until Monday April 22nd to buy a copy HERE. The record bought in the pre-sale comes with a limited edition hand silk screened cover. 

If nothing else, the video is worth a laugh. 


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