Thursday, April 11, 2013

0 PREMIERE: Prizehog - "Irrevelant"

As reported here on SRG a couple weeks ago, Portland based, Rabbits run Eolian Empire is releasing a mega-comp featuring 26 tracks by 26 of Portland’s heaviest, weirdest, and downright exciting underground bands. The label gave the 26 participants 10 weeks to write, record, and turn in their respective tracks and behold 99 minutes of crushing and chaotic beauty has come to fruition and is set for distribution on May 1st, 2013. Quite an amazing feat if you ask me.

Upon a quick glance of the track list provided HERE, you may recognize many of the bands, as a number of them have graced the pages of SRG in the past including -- Lord Dying, Norska, Diesto, Fist Fite, Gaytheist and of course Rabbits themselves. While it was a tough decision as to which track I would choose to premier and spotlight (thanks to Eolian Empire for getting us involved), the one that immediately stood out was a druggy and massively heavy track by Portland transplants Prizehog. On "Irrevelant", the San Fran natives meld some otherworldly King Buzzo riffs and industrial noise into a gnarly acid freak-out. It’s a stand-out track among many stand-out tracks, and they’ve got my attention for sure.

Here is the exclusive stream of Prizehog’s “Irrevelant”. The track can be found on “KEEP OUR HEADS: Heavy Vibes from Portland, Oregon” out May 1st on Eolian Empire.

The trio has records out on Gravity and Saint Rose Records and will be in Seattle May 10th at Black Lodge, joining them are Monogamy Party, Great Falls, and Same-Sex Dictator.

You can pre-order the comp on cassette (w/ digital download code) direct from Eolian Empire or pick one up at either of the two release shows planned for April 26th and 27th in Portland at Slabtown.

4/26/2013 @ Slabtown - Portland, OR w/ Acre, Ix, Norska, Hot Victory, Big Black Cloud, Gaytheist
4/27/2013 @ Slabtown - Portland, OR w/ Redneck, Sioux, Palo Verde, Towers, Honduran, Rabbits

Dig Prizehog? Learn more about the band, check out their tour dates, and buy records HERE. Also, keep up with Eolian Empire HERE.


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