Friday, April 19, 2013

0 SHOW PREVIEW: CHOICEFEST II, NIGHT 2: Princess | Fist Fite | Pipsqueak | Skies Below

My duty as a loyal supporter of local music is so easy this weekend, thanks to Choicefest. If I haven't made clear my feelings about Friday night's headliner, Princess, then let me reiterate one more time how deeply their frenetic noise-rock strains, wall-to-wall rhythm section, and boisterous frontmandering hits me in the tender, ticklish nethers. They're ridiculous, exciting, and a shining example of the contemporary PNW rawr. As always, they alone will smash the show into the favorite memory folder in your hard (drinking) drive, but Mr. Bass has programmed a full evening of entertainment for those in attendance at the Black Lodge.

Portland's Fist Fite are swiftly moving up the must-see list for those in the know, and once you see them, you will be gleefully entered into the welcoming clique of “those.” Hell, there is nothing I can say about them that this Watch Or Die feature we recently offered can't say:

Now, there are more than a few folks in town who grin widely when Pipsqueak are mentioned, and honestly, it's because cellos get smiles. The driving acoustic punk duo offer an elegiac gravity with the inclusion of such non-traditional instrumentation alongside the kind of fast-paced six-string strumming and anthemic pleading you might expect from a highly-skilled, albeit angry, busker in a busy urban marketplace. Once you hear the combination, it becomes so obvious why it works.

Opening the night are the fresh-on-the-scene Skies Below, who simply offer a series of subtly-building crescendos, culminating in a fucking huge wall of sound, all backed by a gloriously powerful set of pipes...and a cello, which gets smiles.

Adam done did it again. And don't even get me started on Saturday's show...


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