Saturday, April 20, 2013

0 SHOW PREVIEW: CHOICE FEST II, NIGHT 3: Lozen | Bad Powers | Tacos | Elk Rider

One of the saving graces of the mid-'00s for this writer was the Brooklyn-based Made Out of Babies. And while I enjoyed the frantic vocal histrionics of frontwoman Julie Christmas, it was actually the powerful, steadfast burl brought on by guitarist Brendan Tobin, bassist Cooper and drummer Matthew Egan that made the connection for me. I listened the shit out of their tunes. Now, come to find that Christmas decided to go about her own business, leaving the rest of the dudes to make a (now obvious) plea for Seattle's own Megan Tweed (The Family Curse) to join up and vocalize. After giving Bad Powers' debut album a few dozen spins, it was clear why they had made the choice: everything that I had loved about Made Out of Babies was still there, if not improved upon, and this new vocalist was bringing it all to the forefront and, at the same time, making it all her own. Now they are making their Seattle debut tonight at The Comet to close out Choicefest II, and there is no lack of talent on this bill.

SRG and yours truly have gushed time and time again over the beautiful tones wrought by headliners Lozen. Their most recent work, Para Vida, was perhaps my favorite local album released in the last year, and is still a regular on the ol' turntable. And Tacos! are quickly becoming one of our favorite local bands. Both of these duos bring a sound many times larger and more impressive than many bands with double their numbers.

Elk Rider make a return appearance to Choicefest to kick the whole thing off, only adding to one of the more solid bills we've seen in these parts this year. It's honestly hard to decide who we are most excited to see.  Adam, damn it, you did it again.


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