Tuesday, May 21, 2013

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Lord Dying | Glose | Tacos!

Once in a while, a non-heavy music fan may stumble across a blog like SRG and read about some of the bands mentioned within, and begin to think that there exists a homogenous collective of heavy music purveyors and fans—eager to simply rock out to any distorted drop-D riffage backed by a pummeling barrage of blast beats, barked bellows and bass chugs—but the truth is that the heavy scene is as diverse as a gameboy rainbow – ranging all the way from very light gray, to raincloud dim and murky dusk, and on into midnight black. As much as this geographically-isolated music community strives to be supportive of all who climb up to the stage and hash out their burly wares, there is a distinct divide in appreciation of different approaches and styles.

One of the clearest divisions is between the more traditional metal set and the less-technical sludgy doomsters that have given the PNW its defining imprint—for better or worse—on the national scene. Portland's Lord Dying may be the most perfect example of a “crossover” band we have right now. Perfectly mingling the dark thickness our region is known for (they have a KARP cover in their repertoire, for chrissakes!) with the shredtastic solos and headbang-friendly technicality of yesteryear, they have been quickly building a name for themselves by welcoming all-comers and offering something juicy and delicious to both the denim-clad hairfarmer and hoodie-bound hardcore kid alike.

By now, perhaps you've heard the news of how they have joined the ranks of fellow Portland heavy luminaries, Red Fang, by signing to Relapse Records for an astonishingly good deal. Take note: you may want to catch these guys when they take the stage at Chop Suey on Thursday, because who knows? Next year they could be playing Sasquatch or some shit.

Hey, speaking of blending styles: both supporting acts on this bill, Glose and Tacos! are fairly nascent collaborations of a diverse collection of our local scene's finest veteran acts, and are neck and neck in the race to win the coveted SRG award (the Essargie!) for Best New Artist this year. The former features members of long-time local faves The Ruby Doe and Madraso, while the latter duo is a Mico de Noche and Sugar Sugar Sugar melding of minds. Both acts bring the heavy riffs and grooves, but in uniquely different yet equally-inspiring flavors. The whole set was clearly designed with a quality-not-quantity approach (by Jodi of Chop Suey and SRG Brother Nik, natch), assuring those who show up to see the first band that they will have plenty to rave about at last call.


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