Thursday, May 2, 2013

0 Watch or Die #30 - Federation X, The Valley, and Tacos!

The flyer hinted at brain wash, but none of us needed the sesh. Hell, we might even request our eye lids taped open after several tall cans of goodness.  Kick us in the pants, smash our faces - we dig it.

Let's start with the headliners: Federation X. These fellas deliver and heavy music lovers eagerly await their next record. Make sure to check out guitarist/vocalist Bill Badgley's guerrilla flavored doc about the mighty, mighty KARP.  But in case you have too short of an attention span right at this moment, check out their live jam, "Maybe We'll Die Young".

Let's get this straight from the get go - I dig The Valley. I like their noisy ass shit. The Valley brings it. Go see them.

But that's not what I want to discuss.

Nothing beats a good t-shirt. Some of the best I have seen (Darth Vader trimming a hedge into the shape of the Death Star, a Crystal Lake camp counselor, and an OBEY from They Live) always spark conversation. A good t-shirt sparks conversation with complete strangers. Hell, world leaders should scrap the suits and find a good tee - it might be the solution to all the madness. 


Bassist Tim Basaraba wore a conversation starter - a mother fucking Aquaman shirt. 

Has there ever been a more maligned super hero? Even in the old Justice League, it seemed like Aquaman was always the dude who did nothing. What's he going to do? Really? What's he going to do?

This debate raged on. Within the haze, one might have even heard someone declare that they could beat Aquaman's ass.

Normally, a debate with a drunk ass can go on for ages without rational points, but no one wanted to touch the last statement - it was met with nods and approval.

"Yes, even you, can whip Aquaman."

"You can barely stand up, but I bet you could hang with Aquaman."

Such bravado rarely enters our conversations. Only one other fictitious character has captured our imagination to the point of declaring that one could, "beat his ass without any problem" and that would be Chucky from Child's Play.

The Aquaman shirt most definitely evokes conversation and that people is never a bad thing.

[Editor's Note: We don't know shit about Aquaman.]

Enjoy "Boom Theory" and leave a comment about your take on Aquaman.

Tacos! started the night. Let's face it, if a band possesses members of Mico de Noche and Sugar Sugar Sugar satisfaction awaits. Tacos! have the second best name in the Pacific Northwest (Gaytheist holds the top spot) and utilize the exclamation point to communicate they're not fucking around. Right now, they're my favorite new band smashing faces all up and down the Sound. Come check out what I mean when they blister Chop Suey along with Glose and one and only LORD DYING, May 23.

TACOS! perform "Eclipse". WATCH OR DIE!!!!

[Editors Note: All videos are from the SRG Presents show held this past March 23rd at the Sunset. Thanks to Fed X, The Valley, and Tacos! for playing and a special thanks to those who spent their Saturday night rocking out with us. Great times!]


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