Thursday, June 13, 2013

2 SHOW PREVIEW: James' (Seattle P.A.) Birthday Show! Smooth Sailing | Crawlin' | Cascabel | The Great Goddamn

You would think that a couple of heavy music fans, both of whom have chosen to espouse their praise of the very same local music scene on the very same internet, would gnash and snarl at one another over each piece of the succulent rock flesh they can wrest from each other's grasp, and yet, we here at SRG and the crew over at the Seattle Passive Aggressive remain buds.  The reason is not simply that this town is big enough for the both of us, nor is it that a little friendly "competition" never hurt anyone; it's that we're both just super geeky about great music and pretty much get along with anyone we can mutually geek out with.  We're not in this to build our own names; we're in this to help build the community.  Two factions shouting the same thing shout louder and to a broader audience, which is fuckin' super duper for everyone involved. 

Sometimes the two factions are shouting for beer.

And, it is with that spirit that we would like to wish James Ballinger from the SPA a very happy birthday and pass the word along about the kickass lineup he has put together at The Highline for the night.

Smooth Sailing have been spending ample time out in the woodshed, constructing and polishing up the slew of new songs recently debuted at The Comet.  They did not fail to impress their long-term fanbase, as these thundering tunes were every bit as technical, heavy, huge, and gorgeous as the controlled explosions they have released in the past.  Getting a chance to hear them again is worth the price of admission alone.

Speaking of thundersplosions, both Crawlin' and Cascabel bring their fair share as well.  The latter throwing a little more core into their metal than the former, but each easily accessible to anyone who would happily die of an unending riff-borne orgasm, regardless of which color of denim is preferred.

The real treat of the night, however, could be The Great Goddamn, who has been on this writer's need-to-see list since their inception.  This heavy duo, featuring Brian from He Whose Ox is Gored, formed late last year and has received nothing but praise from those who have seen one of their handful of shows.  I, for one, will be sure to arrive early and pop my Goddamn cherry.


  1. SRG: Stop being so... Passive Aggressive.

  2. We had 60 guests and it was the most pleasurable night ever. Their owner is amazing! He is so accommodating and will work with you so your event turns out just the way you want it.



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