Friday, September 24, 2010

0 BUMBERSHOOT 2010: Anvil Help Fill the Metal Void

Since the release of "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" in 2008, the interesting and at times cringe worthy documentary about the metal band that time forgot, Anvil has been propelled from complete anonymity outside certain circles to successful touring act. Anvil has finally made it, maybe not the way they envisioned but they have made it. At least until the well dries up, because let's face it, Anvil is a gimmick.

One thing they are not, are slouches on their instruments and they made that readily apparent during their afternoon set on Monday of Bumbershoot. By 2010 standards Anvil's thrash metal sounds a little dated, even the new stuff. That's not to say they didn't incite some definite fits of heandbanging with some solid thrash metal riffage. Anvil's rhythm section of drummer Robb Reiner and bassist Glenn Five honestly sounded beastly, and "Lips" Kudlow not only talked candidly but looked to be having more fun entertaining than anyone I saw all weekend.

Words, Photos by Nik Christofferson


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