Wednesday, December 22, 2010

0 LIST MANIA: Jerry's Top 10 Records of 2010

SRG Badass Jerry Howard
I have a huge problem. When I find an album I really love, I listen to it like crazy and forget about everything else. To this day, my collection lacks the new Sword and Deftones (I can hear you gasp!), but it truly demonstrates how much these ten albums affected me. Constant rotation. I'm a creature of habit. A straight up mutt. Also, Helms Alee was still getting tons of play along with Android Hero's album. I really dug the new Grenades demo. Ghost's album just makes me smile. The Melvins' new shit just punishes my eardrums in the best of ways. The Spits' EP is a riot. There was just too many good ones to choose from, but what a problem to have. Even Slayer didn't make my list. SLAYER!

Times are truly changing. Happy Holidays everyone.

10. Red Fang - Tour EP (self released)

If this CD was a cassette tape, it would be dead due to overplaying. Seriously. Red Fang blasts through four songs, then you listen to all the tracks again and again. Thanks for the taste Red Fang. Look forward to the new album in 2011. RED FANG RULES!!

9. Dukatalon - Saved by Fear (Relapse Records)

Definitely the biggest surprise for me this year. Mesmerizing music that takes you away.

8. Balkan Beat Box - Blue Eyed Black Boy (Nat Geo Music)

C'mon people. I can't listen to metal all the time! Actually, I can but others can't. Having said that, I love Balkan Beat Box. They shred. Tons of energy. Go see them live. They rule.

7. High on Fire - Snakes for the Divine (E1 Music)

Definitely thought this one would be Top 5, but that just says a lot about the records, Kylesa, Black Tusk, The Black Keys, Black Breath, and Kill the Client produced in 2010. Man, why does every band name include the word 'black'? Trippy.

6. Howl - Full of Hell (Relapse Records)

Heavy, heavy stuff. The road to doom leads to good times. Just let Howl provide the soundtrack.

5. Kill the Client - Set for Extinction (Relapse Records)

Let me just take a line from Jello Biafra - "I like short songs!" Absolute onslaught from start to finish. It'll make ya smile.

4. Black Breath - Heavy Breathing (Southern Lord)

Brutal. When I first played for Small Paul, he referenced Slayer. Is there any higher compliment? Looking forward to seeing what comes from these guys in the future.

3. The Black Keys - Brothers (Nonesuch)

These guys continue to put out good music. My only problem is getting it shoved down my throat every time a car commercial comes on or attending a ball game. Doesn't matter, it still rocks. Excellent album.

2. Kylesa - Spiral Shadow (Season of Mist)

This could be Number 1. Seeing Kylesa perform at The Funhouse was one of the best shows of the year.

1. Black Tusk - Taste the Sin (Relapse Records)

Makes me want to thrash the man den. Actually, I do thrash the man den when I play it, especially, when "Twist the Knife" plays. Gets my blood boiling!

Words by Jerry Howard


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