Thursday, July 21, 2011

0 CHBP 2011: Last Minute Friday Festival Preview

How about a last minute run down of who we recommend you check out at block party this Friday?

(6pm-6:30pm - Vera Stage)
First act of interest on Friday is the reunited Skarp on the Vera stage. Something tells me the clouds will roll in around 6pm when the local crust punk outfit takes the stage for the first time in some years. Keep an eye out for a Café Vita Bean Room set as well.

Thurston Moore
(6:15pm-7:15pm – Main Stage)
One of only two main stage acts I’m interested in this year, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth will surely bring some noisy day-drinking encouragement on Friday evening as a solo act. Seeing any of the members of Sonic Youth live is always a safe and sure bet.

Elephant Rider
(7:45pm-8:15pm – Cha Cha Stage)
These guys bring a heavy rock sound that teeters on the verge of mainstream rock radio schlock but because of some moments of 90's Seattle rock bliss, and stony hooks they maintain enough credibility to make our list. More ROCK the better and block party certainly needs these guys' help to balance out the crap. Plus, loud fucking rock bands in the Cha Cha always rules.

Constant Lovers
8:45pm-9:15pm – Cha Cha Stage)
After a long wait Seattle band Constant Lovers are finally ready to unleash their debut “True Romance”, some copies might even be available at the show on Friday. This band has perfected sublimely noisy percussion heavy artsy fartsy punk rock and in my opinion is one of Seattle’s best kept secrets. This should be a highlight of the weekend.

Fucked Up
(9pm-9:45pm – Neumos Stage)
Toronto Canada’s progressive hardcore rulers, Fucked Up, land in Seattle on Friday with an arsenal of new tunes to hammer us with. Their most recent release “David Comes to Life” has received solid reviews, but hopefully they’ll bust a couple from “The Chemistry of Common Life” because I’m stuck in the past and that record kills.

Absolute Monarchs
(9:45pm-10:15pm – Cha Cha Stage)
While it’s no secret that I have been working closely with the Monarchs in recent times, no bias on my part takes away from how badass this Seattle band really is. This marks the 3rd year in a row the Absolute Monarchs have played the Cha Cha, and there’s no doubt come 9:45pm the packed room will be turned into a sweatbox of maximum stokedom courtesy of killers jams like “Thinking Thieves” and “Bad Taste”. Keep an ear out for a brand new track only played once in front of a live audience so far. There is a definite reason why Absolute Monarchs were just named one of six NW bands to watch by, so come see for yourself what all the fuss is about concerning this local powerhouse.

Well that wraps up Friday as far as I’m concerned. If you are looking for something to do following the scheduled festival hours stop by the Comet for the first night of Cock Block Fest featuring Android Hero and yours truly, DJ Nik C. I’ll be spinning my own version of what block party should sound like until close.

Here's the breakdown of evereything else:

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