Friday, December 23, 2011

0 LIST MANIA: Sethro from Portland's Rabbits

Here is Seth from Portland band Rabbits' list of favorite records and shows of 2011. Hands down, Rabbits made one of this blog's favorite records of 2011 in "Lower Forms", and we are excited that they have a follow-up release on the way in the form of a 7" called "Riff Fuck Reap" on Power Blaster Records. Between Jerry and I we probbaly saw Rabbits play close to ten times in 2011 including the SRG Presents show back in March. On NYE Rabbits joins Red Fang and Lord Dying to play the Sizzle Pie Anniversary party at the Star Theater in Portland.

Top (more then) ten in no particular order:

Ritual Necromancy "Oath of they Abyss"
Arctic Flowers "Reveries"
Lord Dying 7"
All Pigs Must Die "God is War"
Burning Witch "Box Set on Southern Lord"
Craft "Void"
Acephalix "Intermindable Light"
Black Breath "Heavy Breathing"
Midnight "Satanic Royalty"
Futur Skullz "Futur Skulls"
Red Fang "Murder the Mountains"
Yob "Atma"
Trap Them "Darker Handcraft"


Rorschach reunion in Portland, Judas Priest, Vaz - all the shows we played with them, Go Fuck Yourself, Saviours, Danava, Diesto, Red Fang, Lord Dying, Murderess, Aldebaran, Ritual Necromancy, Fist Fight, Wizard Rifle or any other killer show I witnessed in Portland last year.


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