Wednesday, December 7, 2011

0 Download Mico De Noche's "Stripper Wars" for FREE

There seems to be a trend of music publications keying on Bandcamp as the go to spot to discover up and coming bands. That's probably because it is. Clean UI and easy streaming, plus its great for bands and labels selling their wears. The point is I've notice an influx of blogs and the like doing "Bandcamp discovery" type blog posts, pointing their readers to something rad they found on Bandcamp. Seems like a good bandwagon to jump on periodically.

I don't have anything brand new to share this time, instead this one falls in the oldie but still a goodie category. Tacoma's heaviest band, Mico De Noche, uploaded their 2002 album "Stripper Wars" today and are giving it away for FREE! This was the bands first release on now defunct label Perverted Son Records back when it was only Mike on vocals and guitar and Don on drums and vocals.

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