Thursday, October 4, 2012

0 WATCH OR DIE! #27 - Hosoi Bros - "Wine Witch"

The Hosoi Bros' video should be a barcode on every alcoholic beverage across the globe.  Before purchasing, every consumer must scan and watch "Wine Witch" in order to prevent their drunken asses from waking up with their dicks mounted to the wall.

Not a pretty sight.  There will be blood.

The song and video reveal the dangers of rookie drinkers.  You know, the type that come out swingin' and end up huddled in the corner, drenched in a puddle of piss, white as ghosts, because those fools summoned the Wine Witch who unleashes ass beatings like Mitt Romney in the poor house.

You know the type.

But the problem lies before our very faces: consumers must READ the warning labels and who the hell does that?

Barcodes leading to the "Wine Witch" video will eliminate smelly dipsomaniacs who try shaking your hand in the pisser.

Get behind the campaign!

Most importantly, the song "Wine Witch" rocks and the entire Wine Witch 7" is definitely worth shelling out your hard earned scratch.  Buy that shit!

Let's hope these Memphis boys visit Seattle soon, so we can hear first hand about the dangers of summonsing the WINE WITCH!

Watch or DIE!


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